Income Assistance for Families with Kids:

Saskatchewan Employment Supplement

Saskatchewan Rental Housing Supplement

Saskatchewan Family Health Benefits

Social Assistance for Individuals:

Saskatchewan Assistance Program

Information about schools and education visit the Education page.​​

**For information about benefits available related to COVID-19, please contact our office.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • ​Where can I find childcare for my children?​
Tisdale Tiny Tornadoes Daycare Inc - Phone: (306) 873-4242 -
Recplex Day Care Centre - Phone: (306) 873-3090
Tisdale Little Explorers - Phone: (306) 873-3261 -

Melfort Daycare Co-operative
Site 1: 115 McLeod Ave W, Melfort
Site 2: 801 Assiniboia St, Melfort - Phone: (306) 752-5565
Site 3: 102 Crawford Ave E, Melfort - Phone: (306) 921-9285

Open Door Playcare - Phone: (306) 862-5540
Central Park Learning Centre - Phone: (306) 862-9836
Nipawin Day Care Co-op - Phone: (306) 862-9826

Other Communities
Casper's Early Learning Cooperative Centre (Carrot River) - Phone: (306) 768-2899
La Pouponniere Co-Operative Daycare (Zenon Park) - Phone: (306) 767-2214
Hudson Bay Child Care Co-op - Phone: (306) 865-2655
Hudson Bay Early Learning Centre - Phone: (306) 865-2515
Quilly Willy Early Learning & Child Care Centre (Porcupine Plain) - Phone: (306) 278-3003
St. Breiux Community Childcare Centre - Phone: (306)275-3133

There are also a number of private day cares. Check with your friends, family, etc

  • I cannot afford to pay for childcare. Who should I talk to?
Child Care Subsidy
A monthly subsidy available to help with the costs of licensed child care.
Toll free: 1-800-667-7155
  • How do I register my child in school?
Contact Northeast Newcomer Services for assistance, or contact the school they will be attending directly.
  • Where are the pre-schools in my area?
Most elementary schools have pre-schools within them - check to see if yours does:
Tisdale Elementary School
513-105 Ave, Tisdale
Phone: (306) 873-4533
Melfort Reynolds Central School
900 Alberta St, Melfort
Phone: (306) 752-2525
Nipawin Central Park School
501-2 St E, Nipawin
Phone: (306) 862-5303
Hudson Bay Community School
312 Hamjea St, Hudson Bay
Phone: (306) 865-2515

There are also options outside of schools that offer Pre-School programs. Community Daycares may also have targeted preschool programs within their buildings. If you don't see any options within your community, contact Northeast Newcomer Services for options.
  • How can I get help to pay for my child's activities?
KidSport Saskatchewan
Assists children of families facing financial obstacles to participate in community sport programs. Find your local application:
Toll free: 1-800-319-4263 -

Creative Kids Saskatchewan
Provides funding to participate in creative activities.
Phone: 1-855-277-9469 -

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program
A registered charity that helps kids from financially disadvantaged families participate in organized sports and physical activity. 
  • Who can I contact to learn more about parenting?
Community Health Services
Prenatal Classes, Healhty Beginnings, Child Health Clinics, Hello Parents
Saskatchewan Health Authority: (306) 873-6600

North East Early Childhood Intervention Program Inc.
For children who have a disability, are developmentally delayed or at risk of delay.
Phone: (306) 873-3411  -

Kids First Program
Helping families become the best parents they can and have the healthiest children possible.
Phone: (306) 862-6222 for more information.

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program: 1-877-264-9428
Community Action Plan for Children: 1-877-264-9428
Parent Help Line: 1-888-603-9100