The Newcomer’s Guide to Canadian Housing
The Newcomer’s Guide to Canadian Housing answers your questions about renting or buying a house. It gives you the right questions to ask landlords, building superintendents, real estate sales representatives, property managers and lenders.

Information for Landlords and Tenants
Here you can find information on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.

Legal Resources on Housing
Here you can find law-related information using language that is easy to understand. The information provided is specific to Saskatchewan and Canada housing and is intended to provide general information only.If you are seeking specific legal advice you should consult a lawyer.

Looking for a place to rent? Contact our office for a list of Landlords in your community. (Only available for some communities) 
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where can I go to find a house or apartment to rent?
Social Housing Rental Program
The program offers rental housing, commonly referred to as “social housing”, for people with low incomes or people who are victims of abuse. The rent is based on tenant’s income — the lower the income, the lower the rent.

For more information contact your local Housing Authority:
Tisdale  - Phone: (306) 873-2412 - tisdale.ha@gov.sk.ca
Melfort - Phone: (306) 752-7300 - melfort.ha@gov.sk.ca
Nipawin - Phone: (306) 862-5003 - nipawin.ha@gov.sk.ca

Call Saskatchewan Housing Corporation for all other communities - 1-800-667-7567

Contact your local town office, they may have a list of rental properties, or contact Northeast Newcomer Services for possible lists of properties. Check with your friends, family, neighbours about renting.
  • Who can I contact to find out about rental subsidies?
Contact the Social Housing Rental Program mentioned above or see the FAQs page.
  • I don't think my landlord is being fair. Who can I talk to?
If you have concerns, speak with the landlord first. If you need additional assistance, or  problems continue, you can contact:
The Office of Residential Tenancies - Phone: 1-888-215-2222 - ORT@gov.sk.ca

  • Who do I contact to set up utilities in my house?
For lights:
SaskPower - Toll free: 1-888-757-6937

For heat:
SaskEnergy - Toll free: 1-800-567-8899

For water:
Contact the town office where you live
Tisdale: (306) 873-2681
Melfort: (306) 862-9866
Nipawin: (306) 752-5911
Carrot River: (306) 768-2515
Porcupine Plain: (306) 278-2262
Hudson Bay: (306) 865-2261
St. Brieux: (306) 275-2257

For telephone, internet, and TV:
SaskTel - Toll free: 1-800-727-5835
Access Communications - Toll free: 1-866-363-2225

  • Who should I contact if someone breaks into my home?
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Call or visit your nearest detachment
Tisdale: 1302-102 St - Phone: (306) 878-3810
Melfort: 1006 Main St - Phone: (306) 752-6420
Nipawin: 119 Nipawin Rd E - Phone: (306) 862-2670
Carrot River: 245-2nd St W - Phone: (306) 768-1200
Hudson Bay: 201 Patricia St - Phone: (306) 865-5550
Porcupine Plain: 343 Walnut St - Phone: (306) 278-8180
Kelvington: 210-2nd Ave W - Phone: (306) 327-1200
Rose Valley: 123-2nd Ave S - Phone: (306) 322-2550
Naicam: 400-1st Ave - Phone: (306) 874-2142

In an emergency dial 9-1-1